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Coding standards wiki with special attention to C#, as affected by StyleCop + Resharper

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Welcome to the Coding Standards Wiki.

CSW is a collection of best practices intended to be useful for career programmers and independent freelancers. There is a focus here on C#, but some concepts, such as "A function should do one thing" (from Clean Code's Bob Martin) can translate to a hundred different programming languages.

I'm always looking for ways to improve my skills, and whenever I find ways to improve my process or make my code cleaner, I try to implement that knowledge right away. Having worked on several different projects with several different teams, there are certain best practices that can be identified. The goal with CSW is not be to water down to the lowest common denominator, but to steer each other towards a level of cleanliness that encourages innovation and facilitates maintenance and readability.

No developer is an island. Your code should reflect an understanding of that.

The honor of your participation is requested...

The built-in Markdown compatibility and Git versioning make GitHub an ideal place for a project like this, as well as the wide adoption of GitHub itself by open-source programmers. If you search for "coding standards" on GitHub, there are only a few repositories, and they are pretty much project-specific, so it's a wide-open "market" of sorts.

This is your chance to promote universal action regarding your favorite pet peeve! Make your voice heard! Maybe we can start something here and have the kind of effect that would help educate people around the world and reduce the frequency of messy spaghetti code we'll encounter in the future!

You can fork and issue pull requests, cloning the Wiki repository and editing with your favorite Markdown editor. If you don't feel like doing all that, feel free to just create an issue with your suggestions. We look forward to hearing from you!